Sled Den Update
Thursday, May 9th

Well, unfortunately I have to wait 'till next weekend to go back to the Sled Den and ride with my son.

He has school now….but is off May 17th and 20th.... so this will be the weekend of our last ride.

Mountainforecast says rain then -3C for Monday and Tuesday.... This will help keep the snow for another weekend.

The snow will be done in the cuts….the rain will see to that. This time of year is like riding in the beginning of the year. You just have to be careful. It’s actually easier cause you know where the deep snow is…..and the base is much harder than at the beginning.

It has been a long season this year….and can’t wait ‘till the next one….!

Hope you all know now that you can keep riding in the Haute Gaspésie mountains ‘till the end of April…. yes, every year! …and it’s not just me….

So, come snowmobiling…!!. Seriously, there is really not much melting ‘till after the 20th of April…. not to mention the 2 - 3 storms in the beginning of April that we usually get….and they are usually big dumps.

The last 2 rides will be on the 18th and 19th of May…. We’ll arrive at the Sled Den by lunch……and we’ll definitely ride and expect to be making some good videos.

This will be a great weekend! We will be riding the tight trees….on the east side where the sun doesn't hit too hard. The sun is there in the morning but then it’s weak…..

Might try in the first week of June.. ..Hey, I’ll drive my truck up there to fish!

So I might as well just drag my sled on the deck there...….Ya never know….

At least you’ll see more pics of the sleds in the mountains in… Jack