Come and shred with us in the mountains of the Chic-Chocs in Gaspésie, Canada!

Where the snow is pure & oh so sweet and fluffy!

Everyone had so much fun last year......

We said "Let's do it again..........twice!!!!"

TNT and The Sled Den are collaborating once more to put on an epic SledVenture for the Ladies!

We are so excited to host this SledVenture and you are sure to make some of your best memories yet!

Sure, men can accompany you but they will be in their own separate group during the day clinics with their own guide.

Jack takes amazing photos (everyone knows)……and après-sled, it’s pretty sweet to sit back and chill while you get to see what you all did that day, review what was learned and discuss points that need improving and of course, where you did well.

The goal is to learn to ride your own sled in the backcountry,

and while there is some 'theory' and 'watch this'.....

we're big on practice, practice, practice so you'll be riding, riding, riding.

The Chic-Chocs mountain backcountry is calling you!


 Each rider will have personal attention and guidance - from Newbie to Veteran, there is something for everyone! 


  • DAY 1: fields on flat ground, open areas to practice techniques and safety while also getting the basics down
  • DAY 2: begin trekking to the tops and trees, for those who are ready to rip it up! 
  • DAY 3: you'll be tearing it up!


Arrive: Wednesday, Feb 13/19 & Depart Sunday, Feb 17/19

Arrive: Wednesday, March 13/19 & Depart Sunday, March 17/19

RATES: Total Package: US $700 per person
               Works out to be US $175/night per person

Deposit of $100 per person upon booking and The Sled Den Rideability Policy is always in effect, so if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, you don't lose! 


Accommodations (shared rooms) - of course there are limited places so first come, first served
All meals, snacks, beverages (coffee, tea, soft drinks, juice)
3 days of riding clinics - (as usual at The Sled Den, tips, techniques & lessons are included but this will be Ladies Only Groups)
Male companions will be in a separate group with their own guide!
Pics & Videos
Review & discussions of the day's events
Gift bag for the Ladies!

IF YOU DON'T HAVE A MOUNTAIN SLED: We believe it's best to learn and use your own sled in the backcountry  - even if you don't have a mountain sled. Any sled will ride into the mountains as long as you keep to the packed areas which we consider 'trails' to spots. You only get into trouble if you go off it. Sleds do have limits and you will learn these limits to enable you to venture into the backcountry again and not get into trouble. 


  • Please click here  SledVenture Reservation
  • In the notes, please indicate SledVenture weekend!
  • Deposit of $100 per person upon booking, balance due at The Sled Den
  • Standard Cancellation Policy applies

Ladies, looking forward to welcoming you to The Sled Den !