Sled Den Update
Sunday, May 5th

One more great day at the Sled Den!

We rode from 2000' …..and today was the last time….

The road now has more bare spots on it from the sun. We will be at just over 2000' the next time….It’s because the sun hits a 100 yard spot so we will just have to move a bit more down the road.

It’s amazing how fast the snow is melting….but there’s still more than 6 - 8 feet….The trees we rode today have 5 - 6 feet in them. It’s the first cut we come to and it gets good sun for most of the day....The trees I intend to ride next weekend are not in the sun as much....They’re even a little hard in the morning. It’s still below 0 at 2500'….

Not to mention the fact we will catch brookies in the lake next weekend. That should be cool and the ones we catch will be our lunch on the fire!

I might have a group from N.H. We will see….The snow will be really good for riding the trees. Might have to drive a bit in the trucks….but no worse than what they do out west at the end of spring riding too….Pretty sure this will be the last official ride of the Sled Den….but I shall ride with my son in June….I hope….lol….

This bruise was cause by a branch, and that’s why the Quebecmountainrider wears protective gear when riding, especially in the trees!

Will be at home this week but back for riding next weekend... Will have some really good action shots….lol….for now, today's pics on the Gallery Page.

Hey, last ride so the sleds will be pushed a little more….. so will my son! ....Jack