Sled Den Update
Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Bluebird day at the Sled Den…!

Not to mention the warm temps….!

Today, we had to start at 2000'.The snow is melting really fast under that!

There won’t be any snow in the valleys after this weekend … ..rivers are all swollen. The snow feels like a foot of pow at the end of the week!!

The drive from the truck is much longer now that we launch so far into the backcountry. We should still be good for the next weekend.

.....on this side of the bridge, fishing for trout....

....and on this side of the bridge, still sledding!

The snow is still really deep…. We were in a cut with more than 8 feet of snow. The trees next to it have more than 8 feet. I’ll avy pole it for you non-believers…. lol….

I took some pics in the beautiful trees to show them just waiting…..for riders!  It might be a drive to get here, but's MAY...and we're still riding....the snow will stay for another 2 weeks…..just to ride the

I’ll be bringing my avy pole tomorrow along with my son who will be here rippin’ up the trees!

Voila…. today’s sunny pics …. Sure was a hot one!! My face is burned.

Going to use sun screen tomorrow….lol... Still riding and having a blast….

....lookin' good....

.....but then.....ooops!.....

....dragged 'er out,

removed plugs,

turned her over to spray water out,

put plugs back,

started her up & drove her out....

Hope more of you realize you can ride all of April now....

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