Update from the Sled Den - May 18th....
last sledding of the season...

This Saturday morning looked very promising….we could see the snow line from The Sled Den….at around 500 - 800’.

We drove to Area X…..made it most of the way to where we planned to ride.

We launched and rode about 2 kms to the spot. The snow was thin ‘till we hit 2500’.....then it went from 1 - 2’ to 4  -5’ in the trees....it's thin everywhere on the roads above 2500’. Twice we had to drive on gravel for 100 yards at a time….

....our sleds are parked in the trees and the 8ft avy pole doesn't lie.....

The snow was 4 inches of mashed potatoes with a 4 - 5 foot base in the trees. There wasn’t snow everywhere to ride….most of the area is done….so we could only ride in certain places that had good snow…..

It was a little too hard for the trees…..we really didn't sink much……just too hard from the cold night with fresh snow so the ‘mashed potatoes’ was good……..otherwise, wouldn’t have been able to ride above 2500 ft!

This was a very special ride for me. It was cool to see how deep the snow really was. Not to mention I got to ride with my bestest friend – my son! It was surreal to be up there with the snow falling and not a sound.

I don't think we will ride tomorrow…. The snow will still be hard and my wife has many many ideas for me to spend the next day here….lol…. I hope it’s fishing and clowning around on the beach….lol…. (Wife’s comment: not really but if you're a good boy, I’ll think about it!!!)

Thanks to all the guests and people I got to ride with this year.

You have all made this season’s riding here better than the last. I think each season will only get better and better….

I hope to start good riding on the logging roads by December 1st .... Then ride ‘till at least the first weekend in MAY…. This is ride-able snow....

More of today's pics on the Gallery page

Thanks again to all my new friends. I hope to see you all next season …..Jack