Sled Den Update March 14th

.....kept riding higher until...

we eventually got ABOVE the clouds - just had to stop and take this pic.....

The Sled Den group rode in spring snow today.

It was quite foggy to begin with but the sun came out right at the end of the day…...just in time to say goodbye!

The snow was quite soft and yes……it was melting!

We rode the trail and it got a little rough in the town we drove through. So I don’t think the snow will last long in the valleys as the wind has been blowing every storm making some spots thin.

As soon as you get above 500 feet, the snow level is 2 – 3 ft, at 1000 it's more like 4 ft and then at 1500 it jumps to 6 ft.

The mountains have more than 8 feet. This will be added to by the storm ‘they’ are calling for!

Let’s hope it’s a BIG one!!

Here are some pics from the boys’ rides today…..Jack

(more on our Video & Pics Gallery Page)

......I think this is the coolest pic from today........

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