Sled Den's Update for March 13th

You might think things would be a bit quiet here at the Sled Den…..but not so much!!

Well, we went out for a ride and it was over 3 degrees C at 3000 feet. We rode around as I was showing a friend an area he didn’t know well....

The sun came out a few times but that didn’t last long. The clouds came and that was it for sun!!!

We got a bit of rain last night….not even enough to get any dirt off my truck…lol...will have to use the ole the hand-o-matic wash method!!!

It’s raining lightly now at 5 pm…..

I will be out tomorrow with a group that doesn’t care what it is….just as long as there is……snow….lol….

Like I keep saying, the snow will turn hard this weekend but also looks like we could get some fresh stuff… can be sure I’ll be watching the forecast with a close eye.

The trails are soft but should stay good this weekend. They have excellent coverage around the north side of Gaspésie...

These are all pics I took while having lunch....(there are more on the Video & Pic Gallery Page)

Yep this was the view from my sled while I ate lunch next to a fire where I warmed and browned my

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