Tuesday, March 5th
Update - Gaspesie avalanches and snow slides

In Gaspesie, Route 132 was closed yesterday due to more than a few avalanches and snow slides that came down and blocked the road.  There were 2 in the Mont-Sainte-Pierre area that shut the132 for more than a few hours.

The road to Murdochville was also closed for the removal of snow and ice - lots of snow slides and small Avalanches. The trail was also closed for safety reasons…..not to mention the numerous snow slides and Avys…..This is not a safe place to ride for the next few days….

There are real dangers on and off the trail....

The snow will harden up by the weekend, so things should be better. Check the forecast for Avalanches. It’s on this link (copy and paste) http://www.centreavalanche.qc.ca/bulletins/bulletin_en.php

Ride safe, be aware and be careful.

I have taken an Avalanche course to ride the backcountry…..It’s a course specifically for snowmobiling in Avalanche zones. I carry a probe all the time and always ride carefully…..even when doing tricks and stunts……I am aware of the snow conditions and if I think there is a possibility of danger…….I don’t go………..no matter how tempting it is……I may be foolish but I am not stupid !

When conditions are like this now, all guests must carry an aluminum shovel and a probe (we have the probes to lend but please do bring your shovel).

We also spend a few minutes going over what to do if it does happen….no beacons - if there is an Avy it should be a "1" on the scale at most but more likely just a snow slide….. with slides you usually do not get buried, but you do hit whatever is in the way.....like...trees….

This is where most deaths and injuries come from…..You get caught in a slide and then you just get squished into the trees.

I will keep you up to date on the conditions as they change.   


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