Report from The Sled Den
Feb 28th

The sun is finally gone here in the Haute Gaspésie!  (Imagine being happy about that!)

Clouds have moved in from the storm. Looks like 20 - 30 cms are coming. I hope we get at least 20 cms.

The snow is all set up now…..not to mention all tracked up!! We rode yesterday in an area I’ve been exploring. Found cuts that have not been touched this year.

Yep - true VIRGIN snow. Didn't even touch it….OK - I had to stop my son from going in there!! So now I have something in my back pocket for anyone who wants to ride it….lol….

As for the trails around the Sled Den, they are pretty good. The snow has finally hardened up. So they really are more like trails now. You can venture off the trail, but bring a shovel…..otherwise, if you trench, you’re finished without one.  After 5 days of blue bird skies….I’m ready for some snow......

Have been riding a lot lately and have noticed way more sleds here both on and off the trail.

Just a friendly reminder people - Remember to ride on your side of the trail…..I almost got hit 2 times out of 8 sleds in a group that passed by us on the trail....and  please use your hand signals…..I use them.... Thanks, Jack

Just a few pics from the last few days - with the Ontario boys & just exploring!

Ontario Style......?.

More playing in the sticks....

Ryan just playing............

More Tree Riding......

Practising Turns.........

A new Trick....?

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