Storm Feb 17 -
Update at the Sled Den

Whoohoo – here we go in the Gaspesie !!!!  Well, my son and I went for a short ride to a camp just up the logging road – 6 kms from the Sled Den. We got to 1400 ft and turned around.

Could not see more than 25 feet in front of the sled !!!

There is close to a foot at sea level and when we turned back, it was getting close to over a foot and a half !!!

There were 4 – 6 ft drifts and we noticed some snow slides on the side of the road. I think there will be more snow slides and maybe some avalanches. Yes – avalanches! (That’s why I took the course & became certified.)

Get ready for the trails to close tomorrow! That’s right – I’m calling it…….

They will probably close the trails around here because of the drifts.  This storm is worse than the one we had 2 weeks ago. If you want to do the Gaspe Tour I suggest you check and double check the trail conditions and think about waiting for the weekend because there just may be just too much snow!!

You guys with the ATTITUDE – better get here soon! Because everyone will be coming after the storms this week!

Going for an early ride in the morning  - will try to post pics before noon!

Yahoo…we got SNOW!!!.........Jack

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