Gaspesie Sled Den
Update February 13th

The North Shore of Gaspésie got 2 – 3 inches in the mountains from snow squalls. We also got 3 – 4 inches at sea level from the snow that went through yesterday. In the backcountry, the mountains got something like 5 – 6 inches, above 2000 ft.

Trails are really good………still a little icy but for a trail sled or studded track, you won’t even notice.

There are sleds on the trails now…..we saw 8 go by when crossing the trail on the way home and there was a group that went by the back of the Sled Den around 7:30 pm. My buddy was having a smoke outside &heard 5 – 7 sleds on the # 5. We can see headlights from the sleds in the mountains on that trail from the Sled Den backyard….why would you bring a group through the nicest part of the # 5 on the North Shore at night…..?

As I said, the trails are all good except for some ice near Murdochville and down along the south side of Gaspe.

Off trail is good now too! It was a little tough with the drifts but the snow has set up so you can just go over most of them.

BUT, if we do get the crazy numbers they are calling for, it’ll be tough going again on the trails for a few days…

Anything with 30 cm (about 12 inches) or more with the wind...WILL CLOSE THE TRAILS….they close on the north because of the drifts. The wind is strong here so trail riders next Monday…. be ready….

You might be driving down the 132 like most people do when the trails gets closed. I have seen them closed for 4 days. The drifts were 10-14 feet across with a mountain on one side and a cliff on the avid off trail riders, we ride the trails when they get closed for fun….and we get

For all you guys with ATTITUDE...Pray we get this storm. The few areas that did get pow pow, are mostly beat up ( SORRY ). The locals aren't even riding - me neither. Unless we have guests, I am not going to ride. All my friends down here won’t ride..…So I am working on the Sled Den ‘till the snow Sunday or the next group comes on Wednesday…Too long between storms.!


PS  Here is a little something to read…..40 - 60 cms .This is the town 8 kms before Rivière-à-Claude....MORE IN THE MOUNTAINS...

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