Sled Den Update
Tuesday, April 30th

Sure was a crazy Sled Den day today!

First we woke up to fog and it was 4 degrees C….headed out to meet some friends at AREA X.

Drove down the coast and it was so foggy couldn't even see the water 20 yards from the highway

I was pleasantly surprised when I got 2 kms in from the coast…....I saw the sun….

Drove the 4 kms and got to where we launch. The sun was out with bluebird sky! The temp was 8 degrees on the truck thermometer. The other 4 guys showed up and we left for the mountains…….

Truly was an incredible day!

The temps were near 20 C.....took off our shirts and helmets to take a few pics..... the sun was stupid hot for a couple of hours.

In this time frame we sat around with no shirts and just talked and had a good time. When the sun wasn't as strong at 3, we rode for another 2 hours.....

The snow was soft enough that it was like riding in a really heavy 8 inches pow. OK....I’m dreaming of pow already....or is it, still dreaming of pow….lol....?

The trees were just perfect….just soft enough to do stuff in.....although there were a few spots that were a little hard in the morning!

Mountainforecast says the freeze line at night is 2500'….then 8 -10 degrees during the day. This is for the week. There is still good snow! Though the spots in the sun are really getting burned. Those will be done in 2 weeks....

The stuff the sun doesn't hit hard, is a little hard in the morning…...but by the time lunch comes, it’s just about perfect.

Still looks good for riding for a few more weeks. The weather says no real rain and that's what would kill it. The falling rain forms streams… the streams flow and wash the snow out….and leave huge ruts...etc, etc, etc.....


home .....still quite

foggy ......

But for now……all is good.....still !.......Jack