Sled Den Update
Sunday, April 28th

What a great Sled Den Day!

The weather was perfect...!!!

The temp was over 8 C and there was no wind…and not a cloud in the sky when we went out at 10 am.

The road for the first 1 - 2 kms is very thin…Looks like next weekend it’s 1800' where we will start…Just going to have to drive the truck or car  further into the

I will have to drive my truck to 2000' or higher to ride June!....same place where you would drive your truck to and use as a base to ride your bikes.

Took a few pics with some local friends. We just rode around and I showed them the mountains from different angles…..and didn’t even see half the area. Still, rode most of the day...and never on or near our tracks.

We made a loop to hit the big peaks to see the vistas….The rest of the time was spent talking about the views and the location of the park boundary.

They couldn’t believe the vastness !....and it’s not the only area like that here…Sure it’s one of the better ones, but depending on what you like, another area could be considered the best!....Gaspésie is a big place….The haute Gaspésie is where the ‘B.C. of Gaspesie’ is….in AREA X….

It should last another 2 weeks…… I hope!  This is in the trees and cuts. Trees still look far....

Here is the avy pole again….Same spot as before and its 10 inches less….But still 7 FEET....

I will be riding with my boosted 4-stroke buddies….I think my beast might be coming out to play with the Nytro 300hps and the Meow 300hps…. Will have tons of action shots from that ride….

Still riding now into MAY.

..... Jack