Sled Den Update
Saturday, April 27th

Well it looks like Mother Nature is going to turn the switch this week!

The forecast says it’s going to be around 16 -18 C !..This is at under  2500'. Above that, it’s going to be just right…., it’s spring for sure this time!

Tomorrow there will be some action shots...of a 4-STROKE….LOL...Yep, a YAMMIE...Not mine, but a friend’s and wait ‘till you see what it is....It’s not all about power….

The stream in back of the Sled Den is really swollen so I think I’ll have to fish up in the mountains ‘cause the flow is just too strong, pretty milky too.

Besides… the yard….or…. on my sled….Hmmm….What would you do….? Ya, me too!  I’m going on my sled!!

I took pics of the shore but it’s just not the same without someone there….

To show perspective, I put my pack and fishing rod in the pic so you get a better idea of how big things are down here…..(yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, look at a map & it looks like UP here but, geographically, the river flows DOWN….so as the locals say, down, it is!)

The temp now is 6 C at the Sled Den. The mountains were going to be 0 - 1 is the Mountainforecast for the next week….

Come on people!  There will be warm temps and no rain!

May sledding!... Who's done that here in Quebec?…..and not just a cosmetic ride….lol….

Last chance to ride with me before the ‘off-season’ and reality takes over …… ..then we start the Snow Dance all over again!!!......Jack