Sled Den Update
April 24th

Went for a little ride to see how fast the snow was melting around the Sled Den.....

Why?...Because today, I could feel warm air when the wind blew. This, I had to investigate.....

So I launched 2 streets over from the Sled Den. The field in back of one of the houses we ride behind is wind-blown, so there is now no snow on it….BUT you can see in my pic that there is still 2 feet of snow on the unplowed road.

The mountain in the pic behind the sleds goes to 1400' where there is still 4+ feet…..

The Skandic was parked there yesterday….Guess no one wants it!!….lol….No, no, no…. I know who owns it! He lives 4 houses down from there. He leaves it there when the road is bare…..No one is around to steal….and everyone knows everyone….around here….Like the good ‘ole old days!! We all wave to each other down here…AND TALK….lol...

Wasn’t too fancy on the pics today. Just, I guess, sad to see the snow going, going, going….It will be over in the valleys after this weekend - at 1000 ft it's a different story!

I still think we will make JUNE...But for sure we will make Mother’s Day. Hope the boys from N.H. can make it down again for the trees!!!.Those are still hard. The temp gets to 6 – 8 C in the valley but it’s a different story above 2500'...and in the trees.

The temp needs to stay above 0 C to get the trees to be soft…and it’s still going below 0 at night time….So with the shade and the low temps….we still have only ridden the trees twice in the last week….Just too damn hard….

Just wait until it starts to get above 10 C, then we will have some crazy rides in the trees.

Notice all the dead falls in the stream for those tasty little charrs, ‘BROOKIES’  for you Americans …. This is one of 3 streams in the back of the house that are 4 kms long that we can fish. We start fishing them from the edge of the park….Not many people fish them either…seems to be too much trouble…..

There is also some nice rock climbing in back of the Sled Den too…sure, I’ll take the pics…..but I’m not climbing up….lol...Jack