Sled Den Update
for April 10th

Woke up again to a light snowfall and as it was only 0 C, the snow was very wet.

I left the Sled Den at 10 am and drove my truck to 1200 ft. The snow was a bit deeper but had a spring feel to it. Rode on the trail into the backcountry, and …..not a track!.

Rode to 3200 ft to check the snow…...which to my surprise was not completely set up….There was a new 15 cms on top of where I rode on Monday. Where there were no tracks, the snow was 12-14 inches of a moist pow….not wet. But it’s just below 0 up at the high spots.

The snow on the top of the mountains and in the open is all set up. You could ride a 137 here….Just don’t trench it too much and you should be fine. But there are still places that have pow like on the sides of cuts and lots of pow pow in the trees.

The wind hasn’t hit it so it’s still soft. Rode some sheltered spots and it was minimum 14-16inches..The base is 8-12 feet – sure, deeper where the wind blew it….but I don’t count that.

They are calling for tons of snow this Saturday….Whoohoo! We will see. If we do get it, I hope it’s another 3 feet like last week….

On my way back at 1500 ft, I stopped and took the pic of the trail stick for atv’s....Looks pretty deep to me. This is only half of what we have above 3000'.

I rode into the backcountry to check the snow and not to play. I do not ride hard when alone. This was on a well-used trail (logging road ) that everyone rides in on.

I did this to give a real time weather report of the conditions in the Chic-Choc area I ride. I do not believe one should ride alone. This is the only reason I ever ride alone into the backcountry....

Trails are groomed with 2 inches of wet snow on them…...only thing missing are tracks…

If you want to see action shots...THEN GET DOWN HERE….lol…..

Sorry the pics aren’t great…..between the fog and snow falling it’s tough to get a good shot! Still snowing up there!!

Today, I slowed down and smelled the coffee… to speak…. more than usual. Nice little stream beside the cliff we ride in on...Jack