Update from The Sled Den
Saturday May 3 2014

Today was a little cloudy at The Sled Den but the temps weren’t too bad. Just around 5 C then when the sun came out it went up to 7 - 8 C.

The snow was just right….. We could ride some really steep stuff. If you want to see the old man on the mountain in the trees, go to The Sled Den Facebook Page. There is a video we posted today.

The road has 1- 5 feet of Base. We start at 1200’ and it’s thin but when we reach 2000’ its 3 feet on the road. Higher is deeper to 5’. The trees have 7 - 10’ depending on just where in the trees. There are some bare spots now but that is where it’s always thin from the wind.

....when asked what happened here, Jack's answer was......

Where we ride in cuts facing the east or even better, the northeast, the snow doesn’t get direct sun light and also the wind blows from the west mostly so the snow piles up on the east sides of anywhere in the Gaspésie.

We’re going to be doing videos this week and next weekend is the last weekend for guests. The Bear season starts May 15th so it’s time to let someone else play in the woods.

Respect. We must show this to keep our sport (offtrail riding ) alive. We’re not the most favourite guys on sleds…..from throwing snow on the trails and roads ‘cause we have to do a wheelie over the snow bank and a huge trench….. This is what makes problems that the public sees with their eyes. Things like this we have to pay more attention to. Just saying…..they are always watching. So keep the trenching and Brrraaaapp in the Backcountry....