Update from The Sled Den
Friday March 6 2014

Well, at The Sled Den, it’s been 3 weeks now since we got all that snow.

I have been riding an area less than an hour away from here. I am going there ‘cause there are 2 other companies riding near another area I ride.

Don’t want to give anything away, so I am riding a little farther from there.

Funny, I was told by these 2 companies that they had a ‘territory’. ….AND I shouldn’t ride it…. LOL... Now, since it hasn’t snowed for some time, they have enlarged their areas….. Hmmmm.. . Now who is riding on who’s ‘territory’….lol….

The Chic-Chocs Mountains is Crown land - ‘owned’ by the government….. respect the rules…but anyone can ride.

Now the weather this week has been cold!!.

The snow we have been riding is virgin. So it’s like 2 plus feet with a good base. Good thing this is a big area ‘cause over the last 3 weeks the wind has had time to blow some areas hard and wind-blown. This is OK in some places ‘cause we just ride where it was pushed.

Still cutting tracks in fresh stuff……but will soon run out….. and not just around here.

I am talking about everywhere in the Gaspésie soon. The longer it doesn’t snow…..the more people will drive to find it. 

So even the ‘hard to get to’ spots will be done soon…..

                                      Pray for snow…..Jack