Update from The Sled Den
Friday March 21 2014

Today, with the temperature just below zero…….well, it just wasn’t quite the champagne powder we had hoped for at The Sled Den.

The snow was a little sticky below 1000 ft – above, with cooler temps, the snow was fluffier and deeper.

There’s close to a foot of fresh pow above 2000 ft near the area we rode. 

Because the snow was really fluffy we decided to do some hill climbing.

It was kind of wet on the first inch of the surface…..again…..this seemed to be at 1000 ft or less.

The North Shore got good snow but the south side of Gaspé fared better in the storm that just passed.

We are riding another backcountry area tomorrow not too far from The Sled Den. We believe the snow will be a little deeper in that area…..and  if we do find deeper snow there, we intend on making an hour trip the following day to where we think close to 3 feet fell this week.

Yes, we can ride around here ……..the foot of fresh pow ……and the 2 – 3 ft of fresh snow where there are no tracks at all but………. just like fishing,  you look for the bigger fish all the time & when sledding, you look for the deeper snow all the time!

Looking forward to the Braaaps tomorrow…..                                                                      ….Jack