Update from the Sled Den
Saturday March 15 2014

Whoohoo from The Sled Den!

Finally there is enough snow to ride pretty much everywhere again! Before, there were a lot of areas with just a bit of snow over a very hard packed base but now there seems to be 1 – 2 feet of fresh powder everywhere, depending on how open the area is.

Everyone seems to be getting rain or snow – around The Sled Den, we’ve gotten only snow so far but the temps are warm so this may set the snow up fast.

Today, the ride was in 1 – 2 feet of powder. We rode some cuts but stayed in smaller areas because of the snow & wind – visibility was very low in the backccountry. Still, we had lots of fun riding the smaller cuts. Riding in the bigger mountains would have meant dealing with heavier snow & obviously more wind.

It’s good to see that the snow wasn’t affected by the wind too much so I’m sure all the tracks everywhere are covered now.

Today was my first day riding with Jon and Chris…..and with a couple of pointers and in a couple of days more, I’m pretty sure we’ll have pictures of these guys Burandt style in the trees!

Tomorrow we intend to ride some bigger cuts which means more open areas so we’ll see how much the wind really affected the snow distribution.

Can’t wait………