Update from The Sled Den
Monday, January 27 2014


After waiting for almost 2 weeks at The Sled Den, we finally got some good snow!!!

The ride in was on a road that went from 6” - 8”  - to going in your face after 2 miles and 400 ft.

This was what we have been waiting for for 3 weeks now. Snow in the face by the time we got to 2000’. The snow was really blowing so it made for some deep stuff in spots. There was 3 feet in some zones at 2500’.

To see it snowing hard all day was just another bonus! The snow didn’t let up all day. By the time we left, tracks were covered up from when we rode in.

Great! ‘cause no one will see how to get to these cuts. Been meaning to try them but just never got to them….. Yep, there’s tons to ride!! We look for where the snow fell and drive there. Some cuts never see sleds…… a little drive and no one around…...

Sure we can ride close but when it doesn’t snow for a while or it’s the weekend, the most popular spots get done first. Then most don’t ride ‘till more snow. Lazy I guess…..

The boys from Maine had a great time………

Will have some special pics by next week. I have a surprise for everyone.

Enjoy the pics……  Jack