Update from The Sled Den
Sunday, January 19 2014

We left The Sled Den for a ride and we decided to go check the snow above 2500’.

The start at 1000’ was on cement with only an 1” of snow on it. Scratchers were for sure a must. Pretty much the first 5-6 kms in was rough but we soon got to a little deeper snow.

This made the sleds ride straighter and 10 degrees cooler.

The climb to 2000’ went from 4” to more than 6” at the 2000’ mark. We got to the back and found some good snow that, again, was due to where the wind had blown it. Rode a bit but looked more for snow for some friends coming to ride……

Still not lots to ride…...but hope to see everything open in another 2 weeks.

Still lots of cuts to ride…..not to mention the trees.

Didn’t really take many pics. The light was very dull ‘cause of the snow we are expecting tonight. It’s not a foot…..but every bit helps.

Maybe the open ocean will help the snow squalls to start.

Funny…. last week it was all ice and now it’s all  open water to give moisture to the storms so they will grow and dump large amounts of white gold…….OK I got a little carried away…..lol…..