Update from The Sled Den
Friday Feb 28 2014
Perspective of a Guest, now Friend

Epilogue…….Day 4……our Last Day

Breakfast was served and we all sat around the kitchen table telling stories from the recent days gone by …..and what we were going to do today! 

The day started out with an familiar face where we parked the trucks, yes, it was the Phazer, that little sled that seemed to do everything the big iron could do……..  Unfortunately, it was a school day, so the rider had to head to class and could not stay out and ride with us for the day…..poor guy!

In the backcountry, we ventured off in a different direction and found ourselves on some logging roads which led to another sledder’s playground.  I’m still not sure how Jack does it, but a magician never reveals his tricks.  Up in the hills we ran into some of Jack’s friends, but no worries, there was lots of snow and lines for everyone.  We even got to see a two-up lesson for backcountry riding….it was truly something to see!

Jack let us pick the place for lunch, amazingly, it turned out to be the corner of the cut where he first lit a fire over 4 years ago… ..we all sat around, watched one of our friends roast some treats at the fire and had some good laughs.

Unfortunately, we had one of our fellow riders suffer a mechanical breakdown. No one would wish this on their worst enemy, it’s bad enough to have mechanical issues, but even worse when you are in such a great place where you can really leave it all out on the hills.  Our friend found himself on the lower part of a cut with no way out, but the group bounded together to pull the sled up onto the top of the hill where it could be safely towed to the nearest road.  Once it was there we gave him a ride back to his truck and he was able to retrieve his sled and head home to find a mechanic!

A great part of this sport and especially the people I met at The Sled Den, is that everyone has the same passion and will find themselves collaboratively working together. Whether it is a broken sled or a newbie who needs some pointers or being stuck on the side of the hill, the one thing you can always count on is that your fellow Sledder will be at your side and ready to help!

We came to The Sled Den as Strangers and left as Friends, I guess you could say that the last day at The Sled Den was the best and the worst.  The best because we got one last opportunity to enjoy the sport we all love, in one of the best landscapes I have ever experienced. The worst day because it was simply the last…. saying that, there is always next year!  We will be back!

“Come as a Guest, leave as a Friend….”  You may just have to experience it yourself to understand.

Thanks to Jack, Eva and Ryan for making this available for all to partake.  It was truly a remarkable experience we will never forget…

Vince, enjoy your birthday on Friday, and don’t do anything we wouldn’t….. 

.........Ron, Doug, Cody, Adam and Trevor