Update from The Sled Den
Saturday Feb 22 2014

“A perspective from a Guest / Friend of the Sled Den”

After booking our adventure two months in advance, we have all be waiting for the opportunity to experience what Gaspesie has to offer.  Five of us started our dream adventure on Friday morning at 5:15 am and drove 14 hours, excited and full of adrenaline. 

We stopped in Matane for the night, as planned, and finished our drive to The Sled Den to meet Jack and his friends for a day of riding. The view was spectacular as we drove down Highway 132, and into Rivière-à-Claude. There was buzz among the guys, just waiting to get on our sled and see what this adventure was going to uncover.

We met at The Sled Den where Jack was saying goodbye to some of his friends and guests and assisting them to prepare for the journey home.  Some of them, after many days of riding, decided to ride with us so they could get one last taste of this phenomenal backcountry. 

Jack was extremely welcoming and introduced us to the group and made all accommodations for our requirements in order to prepare for the day ahead.  The welcome was outstanding and was a feat of true hospitality to address everyone’s needs with a smile and small town charm.

He quickly assessed our desires, along with the others in the group and swiftly made a decision as to where we should go to accommodate all skill levels of the riders.  Swiftly, we got into the trucks and travelled about 15 minutes to a location with plenty of parking and we proceeded into the backcountry.  After about 5 minutes on the sleds we found ourselves in a plentiful playground that addressed everyone’s skill level.

The conditions were extraordinary, with snow that never seemed to end, and let me tell you, I tried to find the bottom, and I could not, no matter how deep of a trench I dug…..  After stopping for gas on the way into the area earlier that morning and seeing the number of other sledders who were also looking to go and enjoy a ride in this beautiful landscape, it was amazing that Jack still found us virgin snow all day long!

We rode one cut after another…..all day long enjoying the plentiful snow and amazing squad that was right at your side to help when you found that the snow was too deep….. or you just did not throttle out when you should have.  

A great group of people all out for the love of the sport, working together to enjoy a day in the snow…..what an amazing experience!

However, it did not end there! As it started to get dark we headed back to The Sled Den, where we were served a feast for kings….sitting around the table and telling stories of the success and “failures” of the day…..and Jack had pictures to remind us of all the great times we had. As they cycled by on the TV, the group of guys around the table began to become more than roommates, but friends.  I have to say, it is truly something everyone should experience!

I can’t imagine it can get better than today, but Jack is adamant that it will tomorrow.........I can’t wait!!!!!

....Jack met these these two kids a couple of times in the backcountry,

they followed & eventually found us to ride with.... I think we were their heroes....!