Update from The Sled Den
Monday February 17 2014

What a crazy day in the Chic Choc mountains!

There is a good 2 feet of fresh snow or more at sea level.…..and above 1000 ft…..well, it’s just stupid deep. We’re talking close to 4 ft !! 

We are all on 163’s and had to pin and wiggle to start off……yes, even the Ski-doo….lol….

Best riding of the year….WHOOHOO!!

I have a group of friends who are going to freak when they get out into the backcountry tomorrow! Going to be a lot of fun…..you can go pretty much anywhere now.

It looks so different with another 2 - 5 feet…..yes, we found that much where we figured the most snow fell. Following the deep snow – chasing the powder - is what it’s all about at The Sled Den.

If you go to Google you punch in The Sled Den Facebook page and you can see the video of the avy being cleared (or click here to link to our Facebook page & scroll down to Went to get gas). Driving back from getting gas in Mont Louis, we were on the turn on the west side of coming out of Mont St Pierre, just as you leave town.

Saw lots of snow blowing on the road and then realized we were 20 yards into an avalanche coming down the side of the mountain. My truck was in 4 - 5 feet of snow. Backed out in 4x4 with some effort. The avy was more than 100 yards wide…..also 4 - 5 feet deep all the way into the ocean….

First one I have seen and first one I’ve ever been in. Took them more than an hour to get it cleared for one lane. The video is a drive through after they cleared it…. What a thrill….(now) lol. I thought it was cool! So did my son…..he couldn't believe he could not open his door.!

He was on the other side of the avy.

Can't wait ‘till tomorrow….pics of the deep pow with a 29 year old cutie…..she's blonde boys! 

By the way, all the pics are of me ‘cause Ryan is still breaking in his sled. Vincent will be in some tomorrow too…...