Update from The Sled Den
Sunday, Dec 29th 2013
(2 more days 'till the New Year)

Yep, sure has been a cold week here at The Sled Den!

The morning temps were close to – 22 C in the mountains. Brrrr!

Yep, it’s cold…..but the powder and the fun times outweighed and won over the cold weather this weekend!

We rode 2 different areas so the Boys (from Maine, Massachusetts & New Hampshire) could see some of the Gaspésie mountains backcountry..............in the Chic Chocs.

The snow was great. There was, on average, 1 - 2 feet of powder on a base on the roads....the cuts are like 4 - 6 feet but mostly no base.  We did ride a lot of cuts but they are still limited…...might change in a week. I would think you could start riding most areas with another 2 - 3 feet of snow.

The U-F-O snow bike was out on Saturday but Pete rode his sled on Sunday…….lots of fun with the super snow and great company!!! Whoohoo!!

This Sunday we are expecting another 25 cms (10 inches) and it’s just been powder - Monday after Monday…….3rd Monday in a row!    Whoohoo!!

Hoping to see more than what they are calling for…….the Boys from Maine and Massachusetts went home but the guys from New Hampshire have stayed for the storm tonight…..so there will be loads of pow shots AGAIN on Monday.

This season has been a great year for powder shots……