Update from The Sled Den
Christmas Eve 2013

We decided to leave The Sled Den and go out for a ride….figured that maybe the weather net might be right…..we decided to go towards Gaspé.

The drive was OK but the snow was INSANE.  We rode in more than the 2 ft of powder they said we got. The snow was like champagne powder. Over the hood and most times head snow all day….couldn’t sit down for one second…the snow was so fluffy!!!

Had a blast riding around where no one has been all season! Makes a difference!!

The snow has just a set up type of snow 4 - 5 feet. YES it is! My son, Ryan is 6’- 4” and he is standing straight up. 

I tell people we don’t usually ride out the back ‘cause we follow where the snow fell the most…..so this could be a 15 minute ride or as much as an hour.

We usually only ride out the back when there’s a storm ‘cause it’s safer. Ride different areas and you will also avoid other people. When there’s been no snow for a while, you need to move around and find new stuff. Besides, it’s nice to see more than just one place or the same area of the mountains all the time. Sure, if you don’t care about where and just ride, then you can just ride one area…...

Tomorrow we shall ride for Christmas Day... Still, will cook a turkey on the BBQ and what better present than riding with my bestest buddy, my son.

Merry Christmas everyone, all the best and good luck in the New Year.                                    ……Jack