Update from The Sled Den
Saturday, Dec 21st, 2013
(4 more days 'till Christmas)

Surprise !!!    Surprise !!!    Surprise !!!

That’s how we felt when we finally found 3 cuts today that had tons of SNOW. The wind blew it here and it set up…..was about 5’- 6’ deep. I trenched my sled and still didn’t hit bottom. I will definitely remember this spot for next year early riding.           

We found 3 spots that would take 6 -7 guys the better part of a day to kill…..but hey it’s sooo small compared to the rest of the area, I just might have to keep it for ME….lol……

There were 2 tracks that we saw when we got back there….Hmmm… First ones I have seen since riding 11 times this year.

The snow is really starting to set up. It’s pretty damn cold up in those mountains. Today was –16C and wind chill it was –32C. Not bad for winter...lol…. I am hoping for more snow than they are calling for.

Looks like almost 2 ft but who knows….This is from now ‘till the 25th. Yep, it’s going to stop for us to ride in the stupid deep snow while you are all at home. Funny how you wish you were here sledding and I wish I was at home....lol….It’s OK, I shall cook a feast for my son and me….

We are early this year…..but hoping we will ride all cuts soon….although we still need 4’ - 5’ hard base. We don’t have that yet. Usually, it rains around this time but we will see…….. Jack