Update from The Sled Den
Saturday, April 5 2014

It’s been a great few days at The Sled Den since the last report.

Have had a few days off to ride with some local friends and then back to meeting new ones and a few old ones that were here earlier in the season….it’s gotten a bit busy……..

We had 2 bikes…… one a UFO snowbike the other a Timbersled...... the UFO had a 450 and the Timbersled had a 450 turbo. They were fun to see whip through the trees! Nope, the sleds can’t go everywhere these things can.

The snow has been powder for the last week. The only time we had mash potatoes was on Saturday….but we got snow on Saturday night (Whoohoo!) and they are calling for more on Tuesday (Whoohoohoo!!!!).

Ryan and I had a chance to try a turboed Apex and also a Nytro. Sure was fun in the mash potatoes! Man those things hooked up. Yep, wheelies to the top!

Looks like the warmer temps will be here by next week…..Oh well, only another month or so for open cuts…..then trees only……..

Still tons to ride now…..yep, even the south side has loads of snow.

I think you could still do the tour in another 2 weekends.

Imagine how nice it is to ride your sled in warm, sunny temps with beautiful mountains. The sun comes out more now. The warmer temps keep the snow squalls and clouds away. This is the time to ride and JUMP. Yep, easy to build and just fun to hang around and do stuff……..

We now ride from 10 am to 5 or 6 pm…... It’s still really sunny when we leave at those times. The sun is up at 6 am and down at 7 pm…... so lots of time to ride…..

Hope you all are still riding in the warm weather……

                                                     ‘Cause we sure are….!     


More pics in the slideshow.......