Update from The Sled Den
Wednesday, April 23 2014

Left The Sled Den to go for a quick ride mid-morning…..

The snow is really thin on the road into the backcountry.

It’s about a foot at 800 ft. You can see it won’t be long before we launch further up the mountain….....at 2000 ft – 3400 ft it’s 1 - 8” of mashed potatoes on a hard, but not frozen, corn base.

Yep, Burandt time in the trees!

The open areas are 4 - 7 feet deep…..depends on the elevation....the trees are 7-10 plus feet. More snow in the trees ‘cause the wind blows it there. This is why we drive up in trucks later ‘cause the roads go first.

...dug a little then pushed the Avy pole all the way...

Tons of snow……the snow this week, which is close to 2 feet, is just going to bring it back to where it was before the temps got warm and ended the pow. Crazy weather…..!

Looks like a late year for everything around here……might go tomorrow……. who knows…..depends on the temps……

Rode with some friends who used to stay here..... They now have their own place and we still ride together.

Yes, it’s that good!!  They use to be Mont Valin’ers….. but not now!

                                          ….. Jack