Update from The Sled Den
Wednesday, April 16 2014

From Spring temps at The Sled Den – nice sun and -3 C to blowing snow with some pow and -10 C.

That’s what our ride was today!!

Started off with a 20 minute drive into the backcountry where we launched and rode on semi-hard surface at 1000 ft.

The snow went rock hard when we got to 2000 ft but thankfully we had some new snow……

It was wind-blown but some spots had powder……...then again, other spots, just hard snow!!

The snow dropped a foot……it is solid now and the forecast is for cold above 1500 ft. This means for the next 4 – 5 days, we’ll only ride below that.

They say snow up high on the weekend…..hmm…..maybe POW!!....lol….

...for those who have been following our blog since last season, this is the same stream - still winter, no boulders showing....!!!

Still not spring where we ride above 2000 ft & the next ride I take there, I’ll use my Avy probe to show you how deep it is in open cuts and in the trees. I think the average will be 6 - 8 feet…..of cement…..lol….

Was cool to come down from the backcountry and see sun and the wind on the ocean.