Tree Riding - Have you tried it?

When someone says “tree riding”, most think of someone riding a sled in the trees. Not quite like that, but more like trying not to hit a

Unfortunately not everyone gets to ride the sides of mountains!!!

So a lot of guys will drive their sleds in and out of trees. Just like skiing the glades on a ski hill. This can be a fun thing to do. But what we really all want to do is ride the trees like the guys on the videos….you know who I mean….

Here in the Gaspésie backcountry.….there are plenty of opportunities……

I like to ride the trees like Chris Burandt. To do a combo of trees and side hilling - both types of tree riding are fun. But I think it’s more fun on a hill, or better still, a mountain.

First, I lay my sled on its side by counter steering and giving gas while also giving a tug.

Oh yeah, while standing on the uphill side of the sled too. When you start to come to a tree, ‘cause the sled is on its side, kind of pointing a little up the hill, some trees may hit the middle of the sled.

So just give some gas and if the sled doesn't climb up enough then just give more gas….. if that fails - then just push with your foot....that should be enough to get up….

The thing is …”Know your sled”. When you get by you might have to lay the sled over even more so that you can go back down the hill ‘cause now there's a tree that is going to hit the sled in the middle again. This will mean letting off the gas and laying the sled down enough so that the sled will slide.

This is why we’re on the gas or off the gas -  to set the sled up to either get up the hill and give it gas while laying it on its side or letting off the gas but not all the way so the sled can slide sideways or down the hill to maneuver around the next obstacle.

The whole thing boils down to how good can you counter steer, give gas and lean the sled while looking to where you’re going. The sled will slide sideways if you lay it past the track and really on its side. Now just repeat this for the next 50 -100 yards and tell me you’re not thrilled !!!

So this is why we need to practice boondocking…..again in the Gaspésie backcountry, lots of places to practice, practice, practice…….

You must know how to use the gas, counter steer, use your foot and how hard to tug, to do what we call ‘set your sled up’. Your sled will lay over with ease if you turn the skies and give gas with your weight on the side of the sled. This is what we call setting up the sled.

You can practice this in a field. If you’re on a Skandic or on a’s still cutting tracks in the trees...

So we’re all having fun…..whohooo…..!!!!!

Come try your skill…….beginner or expert….it really is an adventure…..


I think this type of riding has to do a lot with confidence and simply knowing your sled.

Just have to have faith in your riding and know you won’t hit that tree when you put all those things together and set the sled up and feel that rush…….

Come tree riding………the Gaspésie backcountry is waiting for you………

"mountain" the trees...

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