from the Sled Den
Saturday, Jan 3, 2015

Happy New Year from The Sled Den…….Health & Happiness to all with lots of fresh pow for those of who are waiting for it!

After four days of snow squalls, we ended up with 7 - 8” of pow. This is on a cement base. No, not a crust: 5 – 6 feet of cement.

The weather is calling for snow….. How much? Well, let’s say it has changed three times in 24 hours…..lol….. The snow is hard everywhere. Some spots have close to a foot of fresh from the wind blowing….but mostly it’s 7 - 8 inches.

I hope we get some decent snow from this storm. I am getting impatient to ride pow.  The season started off good but soon went downhill from there.

I took only a few shots because there just isn’t enough snow to do much…..too hard when you land or hit something to do a wheelie…..and too icy to even get enough grip to do one.

I will be out again tomorrow and hope the snow is deeper…....