Sad, sad report from The Sled Den
Thursday, Feb 18 2016

Hello from The Sled Den….. no whoohoos!!!

Well from starting to look like an new start to winter, it has now turned into a nightmare…….

The rain came……. and now we are going to play hockey where once we rode sleds.

We rode up to see just how bad it was …..and found a 2 inch crust on the snow……where sleds rode, it’s a complete right off! There will be no fun snow ‘till we get a foot or so!!

A mere 5 – 6 inches…….or something like that, will only make it rideable........still won’t be able to play - play - play!!!

Maybe if the wind blows some into a hole then you will get some good snow…..but don’t count on it!

The trails are 1 – 4 inches of blue ice in the valleys. Up high, it’s icy, covered snow. Sleds were unable to climb hills and they had to call for trucks to transport the sleds.

Not sure what the FCMQ says, but for me…......

no studs = no ride

Even with studs it’s going to be dangerous…..better to wait ‘cause we are expecting some snow on Friday night. 

The last few pics are the last ride on the ice…... Jack