Report from The Sled Den
Saturday, Feb 28, 2015

The last few days have been pretty busy at The Sled Den!!

We had some newbies who were eager to learn and I think they left satisfied with their new skills…….

Unfortunately, my sled went down and my son had to guide as well as instruct and take the pictures. I still did the cooking but as far as the day out, my son did that.  He did good!

Today day started with a warm welcome from the bright sun. What a bluebird day! The temps  got to –4 C or 25 F... The sun shone on us all day but we still made a fire to heat and enjoy our wraps.

The first area we rode was in some trees. Some of the gang played in the forest while others also did the bowl with a good foot of fresh. The laughs came and so did some of the more exciting moments. Everyone was charged with fire this morning!! Guess all the talk and videos sparked  something!

The snow was pretty good at under 1500’……..much higher and it was mostly wind-blown. The weather prediction is snow tomorrow night. Well, this means we will have good snow around here again…… I mean on the coast!

Tomorrow we are heading into the interior to ride more away from the wind. Last time we got 2' to 3’ of fresh when we went there. I am sure it will be like that tomorrow ‘cause the area is a little lower and further into the lower areas we ride.

 Most think the snow is always better up high………… Not true…...!