Report from a Friend's perspective at
The Sled Den
Friday, February 20, 2015

You know it's going to be a beautiful day when it starts like this........

The Sled Den started the day with the expectation of every backcountry sledder! News from home of schools cancelled and a quick look out the window showed a new 2 feet of powder had fallen overnight. 

Keith - Andrew - Michel

After a home cooked breakfast, we welcomed two new friends from Bourget and headed to the “endless playground”.

Sled Den Rider Ryan

The anticipation of the group was at an all-time high…..with the additional snow and ambitions at an epic level, we loaded into the trucks and headed out for the day.


The trip started with a run up the trail with Powder coming over the hoods of the sleds. The powder was so soft you could not even feel the mound in front of your sled pushing down the trail.


The day was full of heroic feats and epic failures…….but the group enjoyed every moment of it and joined together to help out the riders who were less “lucky” than others!

Robin, Andrew and Marcus flipping the Summit backwards

After sleddin’ three Larger-Than-Life riding areas, the group was worn-out and ready for another home cooked meal!


After a long and tiring day the group sat around the kitchen table at The Sled Den and reviewed the pictures and footage from the day on the big screen TV.  Just as the pictures and video were coming to an end, a meal for kings was served by Eva, Ryan and Jack.  With full bellies the group welcomed 4 new friends and shared stories from the day.


Can’t wait for another ”EPIC DAY” tomorrow!