Report from The Sled Den
Thursday, March 12, 15

Good times today in the backcountry trees at The Sled Den, with my son Ryan and a friend Vince.

The ride into the back SUCKED!!.......there was no snow for cooling. We rode scratchers and they were pressed to put snow on the rails.

It rained below 2000’…….the snow went to cement………above 2000, the snow is 2 - 3” and when you get to 3000’ it is 6 - 8”……but deeper in some areas where the wind blew it.

It sure was fun doing trees for a change! I don’t do them unless with guests who also ride trees. I ride with you and RIDE your pace, not mine…..not here for me but to make your riding dream come true. The Sled Den is all about living your dream trip. It’s not the west...but we have lunch fires, pictures and lots of good times with plenty of laughs!

There are still icy spots ‘cause we still need a big storm! This has not yet happened. Good thing for snowsqualls…..or we would be suffering.  Lots of areas to ride 'cause the wind has made new snow in lots of spots……knew where it blew and enjoyed DEEP powder…....Jack