Report from The Sled Den
Wednesday, Feb 11, 2015

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Back at The Sled Den……

As everyone is well aware, out west is having one hell of a terrible winter – deep snow one day, rain the next, back to cement & then snow again!

This is why, although I was supposed to go to Idaho with a bunch of friends, like many this year, I had to cancel my trip west……

We, in the Haute Gaspésie, aren’t getting hammered with snow but at least we are still using the words cold & snow. For some reason it seems that this year, everyone should be coming east…..It’s really, really cold but I’d rather be cold than warm & wet.

Today, Americans and Quebecers rode the backcountry together and even though the languages aren’t the same – we are all still getting along, having fun & making friends. It’s amazing how having so much fun can bring people together even though they don’t speak the same language – correction - we all speak Braaap!!

This morning, we started off sidehilling & riding some powder in the more open areas. This was so that some of the less experienced riders could get pointers from us & other riders in the group and build their confidence.

After 2 -3 hours we had lunch & then decided it was time to push the envelope.

Lovin' the MO FLOW vents

I sidehilled into the trees and placed myself to take pictures and give pointers on what they were doing wrong & what they were doing right. We had a good time practicing everyone in the trees and after an hour or so everyone was tearing it up….

So far this year, everyone seems to be catching on really fast – how to use break & gas to sidehill & ride trees. These guys must be good – because I taught them how to ride trees on a Skidoo….ha ha - just kidding……

We’re looking at some snow this weekend – hopefully it’s a big nor’easter….

It just really sad when you see 4 feet in a week four hours south of here and nothing extra here…….

The snow is pretty sick in the trees – anywhere from a good 2 – 3 feet – some areas that have been tracked up before are more like a foot of fresh…..

If you find the cuts that are windblown, you find lots of snow. Unfortunately, we have not had a really big storm in over a month so that the really good riding areas with the good snow are still limited.

Sure, there is still 8 – 10 feet of snow, but what I call riding snow is what’s on top of the 8 – 10 foot base. The trails are highways - rock hard.

If you like to ride open areas, pray for snow…….start your snow dance!!

If you are a tree rider or like to sidehill the steep & deep, there’s lots to ride.

Don’t forget, the easy stuff always goes first & it’s been a while since we’ve had a significant dump of snow.

Don’t get me wrong, we are riding really good powder but it’s not everywhere…..gotta know where to go……..