Report from The Sled Den
Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It was a fun day spent with Dale at The Sled Den! He came here hoping to learn how to sidehill better.

First, he was taught how to set the sled up. This is done by standing on one side and pulling over to the side you’re standing on and hitting the throttle hard enough to spin the track…..then grab a handful of brake so your sled doesn’t continue rolling and comes out of the trench you made. This is how you set it up to sidehill.

The snow was really good to learn in….it was pretty set up. Tonight it’s going to snow. I sure am happy ‘cause we have not had some in a while……there still stuff but getting set up. Besides who doesn’t want….

....Ryan 6'4 " standing in Dale's trench.....

The end of the week looks promising so I am sure there will be some good action shots again this weekend. Trails are smooth and looked nice…..rode across them today.

The best part of this season has been having the opportunity to pass on skills I have learned to better other riders. My son too has now realized how much more rewarding it is teaching someone and being humble about your abilities.....


The snow is melting in many areas….but here we ride to at least Mother’s Day. Old Man Winter will be here ‘till mid-April…..just like every year!