Report from The Sled Den
Friday, April 3, 2013

What an incredible day at The Sled Den!

Started off with a few of the guys getting here very early in the morning so it was they suggested they take a nap – we could start a little later because we could still get in a full day’s riding as the sun sets a little later at this time of year and there is still light at 7 pm or so……

Around 8:30 am a few people started to stir & by 9 am everyone was slowly rising…….having a coffee or juice and meeting each other…… and after a really hearty breakfast we proceeded to one of the many spots we ride…………

We got up to the area we had in mind to ride………….and found 3 - 4 inches of new snow…… WHOOHOO!!!

Some of the open areas are still windblown but a few spots where the snow collects are still pretty good. There are a lots of tracks in the trees but there are still a few spots where no one has been riding………

Today was spent in an area of trees that only had a couple of tracks so this made for excellent riding.......after east coasting the area to death, we decided to check some other trees near an area we had ridden a few days before……..

On our way over to the spot, we decided to investigate some trees that were a little bit out of our way from where we expected to ride and to our surprise……. we found the area had been untouched……..and just like a bunch of bumblebees in a hive, we rode back & forth in that area of trees……..

After riding in the trees for the first half of the day, some of the guys wanted to do a few jumps & wheelies….So I left my son in the woods with a few of the riders and went to take pics of those who wanted to do other stuff….

Even though I love to ride the trees & it’s my favorite pastime, I am here for your trip not mine & this is why I split my time if we have a group with different styles of riding………this way everyone gets a pic…..’cause you can ride snow anywhere but you can’t get action shots everywhere…..

Heading out again tomorrow – pretty sure our day will be cut short 'cause they are calling for big winds & heavy snow which is supposed to be around a foot or so of new snow & we’ll see…….